poniedziałek, 27 października 2014


So, it's been a long time I haven't wrote here, but I was and I'm still a little busy with school. And I was also a bit lazy to write sth here, but finally I decided to show you all my latest mails. :D
During this whole long time I got a lovely package from Jessica, USA. You should see how happy I was when I got it. :D
 Socks are perfect for cold days <3 and these Frozen stickers! ^^

Then I sent a letter and little birthday gift to Helmi, Finland.

 Lip balm, sweets,little notebook, postacrd, pins

I also got a wonderful present from her :)
 I love everything she sent me , and next lovely bracelet to my collection :D

Some postcard I received through postcrossing:

 This one isn't from postcrossinf, it from my friend who visited London in summer. :)

czwartek, 4 września 2014

full mailbox

This week my mailbox was very happy! In the begginig of the week, I got letter from Janine( Germany). She added some sweets and sherbet, superbly! :)

And yesterday I got a parcel with surprise mix tag from the same person from Scotland as earlier (she tagged me second time in this tag). I like a lot things she sent. There were: some stickers, a button pin, a sample of Nicki Minaj's perfume, a little magnet, a paper napkin, a lollipop, little organic milk chocolate ( was delicious!), Maltesers hot chocolate, a sticking plaster and she also enclosed the new pair of earrings, since when she sent it earlier one of them damaged on their way. It's so nice of her! :)

And today I got a package from Germany full of sweets. I wrote to Stefanie if she want to do a private swap again with me, and she agreed. We decided that she'll sent me sweets and I'll send her beauty products. I only had to wait until she come back from Iceland and she brought for me candies from there. :) Everything looks so yummy!

My package to her I sent on Tuesday. I bought a black mascara, a blue nail polish, eye shadows palette, two face masks, a lip gloss and a lip balm. I hope she will like all the items. :)

Funny postcard

I got a really funny postcard for my birthday(above one week ago) from my father, from Sweden. Haha, look at this!

wtorek, 26 sierpnia 2014

Postcard, tag and letter

Lately, I also sent one postcard through postcrossing to Germany. She wished for sth connected with fashion. I hope that she will like this postcard, I only found sth like that. :) Heres' the photo of this postcard:

What's more, I took part in other tag. This time it's rurprise mix tag. I tagged a person from Germany. I decided to sent colourful stickers, 3D Eiffel Tower stickers, postcard, a bus ticket, candy, some note cards, a face mask and a tea bag. 

Oh, and I got a nice letter from Lily (Finland). It was really nice to hear from her after a long time. However, she can't sent it earlier because she was busy with school and work. Wish I had a job. :D

Lovely stationery and MOOMIN lollipop 

Letter to Finland and package

Last week I sent letter to Helmi (Finland). I enclosed some sweets, stickers, a bust ticket from my city and a chewing gum. :)

 And yesterday I sent the package to Alyssa(USA). I prepared it long time ago. There are stickers, postcards, some sweets, a recipe, my drawing of Liam(from One Direction- he's her favourite!), long letter and a T-shirt with nice quote. :) I hope she will receive it soon and like it! :)
What do you think about it?

And the package looks like that.

poniedziałek, 18 sierpnia 2014

Happy mailbox and tag

It's been really long time I didn't take part in ny tags. However, some time ago, I decided to tag in Offering a lots of little things tag. In this tag you offer at least 20 little things and the person who will tag you can choose 5 things. I tagged woman from Scotland and today I got a lovely items, she sent me. Whats more she also added some extras - it is amazing stationery.
Lovely earrings(however one of the earrings is broken :( -so shame, cause theyre so cute), Mario notepad, Scottish castle postcard, twilight eraser, a magnet with Pizza :D and stationery & london markers
I've chosen all of these things except eraser, stationery and london markers. Fifth thing I've chosen was an inprised profile surprise and she picked these lovely things for me and send extra stationery. :)

Last week I also sent things to person who tagged me. It was the first time I was sending something to Portugal. I hope it will arrive safely. She chose: a cute napkin, a pen, a little notepad, a stickers sheet and 2 bags of tea. 
Below, you can take a look! :)

 Today my mailbox was happy since I haventt recieved anything for last week. And I also found an adorable letter from Helmi (Finland). She added a tea bag(however I don't drink too much tea, since I'm not a tea lover, I will try it because it is fruity ) & stcikers.
This stationery is wonderfful!!

niedziela, 10 sierpnia 2014

Letter from/to Finland

Recently I got a wonderful letter from Tiina(Finland). The letter included: a candy watch ( omg, I remember as I always bought it in a local shop when I was younger :D I haven't thought that it is sold in another country,too. ), a face mask and a tea bag. I'm always curious before opening the letter. :)

I already sent her a reply. With my letter I enclose: a tea bag, a pen with Monster University's characters, a cute napkin and some candies. :) Hope she will like it!

What do you usually sent to your pen pals?