czwartek, 20 marca 2014

Bling Ring

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As everybody knows there's great movie based on the real story. However lastly I found the Bling Ring book in the University Library in city where I study, written by Nancy Jo Sales. I started reading and it seems to be really great book!  I would argue that it's as wonderful as the movie.  You should search for it and read it as soon as it's possible! :)
Tell me waht do you think about movie and the book? Maybe you already read it? :)

poniedziałek, 17 marca 2014

Catwalk's dreams!

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The biggest dream to watch the fashion show, how does the backstage look like and walk in the show. It's an impossible dream!

niedziela, 16 marca 2014


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Let's start! :)

So it's my first post here and it's always hard to start writing a blog. But finally i decided to write it again. However i didn't have time lately, when i had blog about postcrossing, but i'll try to have this one as long as it will be possible. :) 

I would like to write here about everything, my simple life, fashion, hobby and other things. :)