czwartek, 4 września 2014

full mailbox

This week my mailbox was very happy! In the begginig of the week, I got letter from Janine( Germany). She added some sweets and sherbet, superbly! :)

And yesterday I got a parcel with surprise mix tag from the same person from Scotland as earlier (she tagged me second time in this tag). I like a lot things she sent. There were: some stickers, a button pin, a sample of Nicki Minaj's perfume, a little magnet, a paper napkin, a lollipop, little organic milk chocolate ( was delicious!), Maltesers hot chocolate, a sticking plaster and she also enclosed the new pair of earrings, since when she sent it earlier one of them damaged on their way. It's so nice of her! :)

And today I got a package from Germany full of sweets. I wrote to Stefanie if she want to do a private swap again with me, and she agreed. We decided that she'll sent me sweets and I'll send her beauty products. I only had to wait until she come back from Iceland and she brought for me candies from there. :) Everything looks so yummy!

My package to her I sent on Tuesday. I bought a black mascara, a blue nail polish, eye shadows palette, two face masks, a lip gloss and a lip balm. I hope she will like all the items. :)

Funny postcard

I got a really funny postcard for my birthday(above one week ago) from my father, from Sweden. Haha, look at this!