piątek, 4 kwietnia 2014

Sick shoes, cookies&milk shake and the other...

Hey Everyone!
Lastly I have lots of learn and I am a bit lazy as well as always :D 
When I was at home one week ago, I made the Coconut cookies for the first time and it where delicious. I gonna do this again maybe tomorrow. :)  Yummy! have you ever tried them? If not, you definitely should!

 Yesterday, I went shopping and found really nice jacket in C&A, but didn't but it. Haha. Now I'm wonder if i should buy it or no? How you like this jacket?
 Oh, and look at this sick, a bit scary shoes :D Found this at Tk maxx and have to took pic of it. I would never wear shoes like this till the time I have to! Do you like them?
 Chocolate cookies ice cream & milk shake , it was delicious!

Chanel No.5 perfume

Lastly, got this amazing eau de parfum from my mother! I love the fragrance! Shame it's so expensive that I will not be able to buy it by myself when it'll finish. But now, I gonna enjoy I have it actually! :)