sobota, 2 sierpnia 2014

Time spent really nice!

How I usually spend my free time? Here are few photos which show it! Mostly, I spend my free time with reading a book, shopping, meeting my friends, surfing the Internet, watching movies and some other things.
Recently, I read the new book by Helen Fielding " Bridget Jones, Mad about The Boy ". It's great and fast to read book. I can definitely recommend it! Maybe have you already read it? If yes, what do you think?
I also tried a new smoothie in McDonalds: mango & pineapple. So delicious! An great for a hot days! What else? For the first time I ate the Belgian Fries and frozen yougurt. Fries are also yummy and very filling, as about yougurt I wanna eat it more, but it's pretty expensive. Anyway, you should try it! You can choose a flavor and add whatever you want: from M&M's, gummi candies to different kind of fruits and sauce. When I was in Warsaw I saw Louis Vuitton's shop. I wish I had one bag of his project! Maybe one day, I will be able to buy one. 
Besides, I when I was whopping, I bought wonderful shoes in Tally Weijl, they're floral boots! What do you think about them? 
I wish all of you (if somebody read it) great time! Feel free to comment! :) 


Shoes I bought, the phooto isn't so good. You can see them here:

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