wtorek, 26 sierpnia 2014

Postcard, tag and letter

Lately, I also sent one postcard through postcrossing to Germany. She wished for sth connected with fashion. I hope that she will like this postcard, I only found sth like that. :) Heres' the photo of this postcard:

What's more, I took part in other tag. This time it's rurprise mix tag. I tagged a person from Germany. I decided to sent colourful stickers, 3D Eiffel Tower stickers, postcard, a bus ticket, candy, some note cards, a face mask and a tea bag. 

Oh, and I got a nice letter from Lily (Finland). It was really nice to hear from her after a long time. However, she can't sent it earlier because she was busy with school and work. Wish I had a job. :D

Lovely stationery and MOOMIN lollipop 

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  1. SO happy the letter arrived! :) The stationery is actually Papeteria's "Golden Rose"!! I found 2 different Papeteria letter sets from a local supermarket last week and bought both right away!! :)

    1. I was so happy when I found it in my postbox :)
      oh, the shame that here I can't find stationery in supermarket :D